Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 money-saving tips to do every day

Saving money is usually a hard habit to develop because it requires discipline, sacrifice and motivation. There are a lot of things in your daily activities that can actually save you money and help you reach your financial goals.

Well, let's take a look on some painless ways to save money every day:
  1. Create a budget.
    Everything starts here. Identify where your money goes — which portion gets more or less of your income. This is also where you set priorities. Once amounts are pegged, it can be easier to say no to unnecessary expenses. Creating a definite monthly budget can be the start of developing a disciplined financial life.
  2. Say no to eat-outs.
    Eating out is many times more fun than eating packed lunch in the office. But did you know that you can actually save a significant amount of money by refraining from restaurant food? Prepare your own lunch or even dinner and save eat-outs for special occasions instead.

  3. Ditch vices.
    Vices are not only bad for your health but also for your wallet. What makes them worse are they’re not even considered as necessities. Consider quitting vices, if you have any, and you’ll surely save money from not buying cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or playing games.

  4. Don’t go to the supermarket hungry.
    If you’re craving when you visit the supermarket, chances are you’ll buy more than what you need. That’s additional expense that’s completely unnecessary. You might not realize this until now but you have to mind your tummy before doing your groceries.

  5. De-stress on a budget.
    Shopping, stuffing yourself, gaming or drinking when stressed cost you money. You can surely think of more cost-efficient ways to get rid of stress. How about taking a short, quiet walk, running, or binge-watching?

  6. Sell clutter instead of throwing them away.
    Hold a garage sale when you want to get rid of your old items. This is financially way better than just taking your clutter into the trash.

  7. Pass up gym membership.
    There are cheaper ways to shape up. Hitting the gym is not always the best option. You can take advantage of a refreshing morning jog or an in-home yoga session. Paying for a gym membership is reasonable only if you’re sure you’re going to be at the gym regularly.

  8. Cut back on your mobile phone expenses.
    Believe it or not, you might be spending more than what is needed on your mobile usage. Do you really need that much data allowance? Are you consuming all the texts and calls included in your plan?

  9. Try doing things on your own.
    Services like having your nails done, grooming, and car maintenance and repair are some things you can learn and do on your own so you won’t have to pay for them anymore.

  10. Grow food in your garden.
    Grow some vegetables and fruits in your garden so you won’t have to buy everything at the supermarket. A lot of free resources online can help you get started if you don’t have any experience yet in gardening.
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